"Dastardly" Dave Update #5.5

 Hi, Everybody!

"Most! Controversial! Back! Cover! Ever!"**

"Dastardly" Dave Sim's Update #5.5:

"Maniac" Matt Dow
*for the Spawn #10 Kickstarter cover, you have to manage your pledge, so you may end up having to cancel and redo your pledge (that's what I've heard has happened.) ("Forescore and seven years ago"...) Since there seems to be some confusion on how to do this, I asked. The response:The only way to add it is for people to go into their pledge and go through the steps that takes them to the add-on menu page. Kickstarter calls it “managing your pledge.” It’s a simple process but may seem complicated if you haven’t done it before. Also, according to Kickstarter technical support it may not work on some mobile devices.So, if it don't work on your phone, try a different device. 
I'd say sorry, but none of this is my deal...

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