Leah Moore's Aardvark

Is there anything more precious than a gift from a child?
Leah Moore surprised me with this at her Dad, Alan's, place. Quite an accomplished piece of work for whatever-age-she-was at the time (1988 according to the Cerebus Archive).
I think she spelled "aardvark" incorrectly and -- back in the day -- when Leah whited out a mistake, it was Whited Out (and no mistake!). The white paint must be a sixteenth of an inch thick! There's a smaller blob next to my name where I'm guessing she had added an "m" or an "s" before checking with Mum.
You'll note a small burn hole in the left side of the piece, from Dad's spliff. I gave Alan Holy Hell for that, let me tell you: "LOOK what you've done with my piece of Genuine Original Leah Moore Artwork, Alan! Just LOOK!".
He wilted appropriately before Leah's and my (ahem) stern joint gazes of condemnation and was suitably sheepish the rest of the afternoon.
Shortly after the same visit, photocopies of the MAD LOVE company bullet I had designed for Alan, Phyllis and Deb which would debut on the cover of AARGH.